We’re thrilled to announce that our idea to build a nature playground at Crafers Primary is now eligible for public voting on the Fund My Neighbourhood website.

Our Idea: Build a nature playground at Crafers Primary School for both students and the wider community to enjoy. The school’s pine forest and the embankment surrounding the oval provides the ideal canvas. The nature playground will be designed to encourage safe risk-taking through rocky terraces, climbing ropes and more.

Why nature play? Contact with nature makes kids healthier and happier.

The playground: Students at Crafers Primary are drawing plans. Ideas are flowing. Excitement is in the air! The school will be transformed into an interactive and sustainable play space for generations to come.

Vote here: https://goo.gl/MTAfQb

Watch our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIoYys4eR1o

Voting closes at 5pm on Monday 20 November. Make this a reality. Vote Crafers Nature Playground.

How do I vote?

Folllow the link above to view the Crafers Nature Playground idea on on the Fund My Neighbourhood website. To vote, you simply register as a YourSAy member, and then choose your location by dropping a pin on the map, or typing in your street address. Once you have chosen your location, you will be able to see in our area.

To submit your vote, you must choose a minimum of three (3) ideas, then click the green Vote Now button.

Voting in Fund My Neighbourhood can only be done online on the Fund My Neighbourhood website and requires verification via your mobile phone. When you log in or register they will send a four-digit code to your mobile. Enter this code on the website and you can start voting.

If you do not have access to the internet, your local library, or a friend or family member may be able to help you create an email account and vote for ideas in your neighbourhood.

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