Crafers Nature Playground takes shape!

And every vote counts…

Excitement is building at Crafers Primary School: the first design concept for the new Crafers Nature Playground has been released for community feedback.

Containing tunnels, slides, rock walls, climbing structures, balancing logs, observation decks, seating, a treehouse and more, plans unite the ideas put forward by students and teachers in Term 3.

To help make this playground possible, Crafers Primary School has submitted our Nature Playground idea to the Fund My Neighbourhood grants website. We are in the running to receive $150,000 to build the playground! The ideas that receive the most public votes receive funding.


We’re encouraging everyone in the community to vote – we’re promoting our idea on flyers, on posters, in local businesses, in the media, on Facebook and through CPS communication channels.

Children are also helping with promotion. Year 5 student Sophie King designed a fantastic brochure that she is handing out to other students, family and friends. “If we get enough votes to get this grant, we will be able to build a playground with a spider net, hammocks, an updated cubby house, a double slide down an embankment, tunnels and mounds big enough to crawl through, quality bench seating next to a fountain, a hand-pumped water course leading to a rocky wetland and more!” Sophie wrote.

“We need to everyone to spread the word! You can help get more votes. Talk to your friends and your family about the grant and get them to vote too!”

To vote, go to

Simply register, then choose your location by dropping a pin on the map, or typing in your street address. Once you have chosen your location, you will be able to see the ideas in your local area. To submit your vote, you must choose a minimum of three ideas, then click the green Vote Now button.

Voting closes at 5pm on Monday 20 November. Make this a reality. Vote Crafers Nature Playground!

Crafers Communications

This year at Crafers Primary School we have used Skoolbag and email to ensure everyone is receiving school communications. From the beginning of 2018 only Skoolbag will be used for all administrative school communications. Seesaw will continue to be used for classroom communications.

We recently trialled a Skoolbag eform, rather than printed notes being sent home. This trial showed a general acceptance and ease of use for completing excursion forms electronically, where possible. We will expand the use of Skoolbag eforms in 2018, however we will maintain the status quo for this year.

We are aware that about 40 people have unsubscribed from Skoolbag emails and if these people are not reading Skoolbag notifications they are not receiving school communications.

If you require any assistance installing or using Skoolbag please see Carol or Sophie in the front office.

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