On Wednesday the 22nd of February the Crafers Primary School Governing council held the Annual General meeting.

The meeting was well attended and a new Governing Council was elected. This year we have great continuity with the same people having the positions as office bearers.

The Governing Council members are Colin Koch (Chairperson), Richard Fishlock (Vice Chairperson), Kylie Hopkins (Secretary),   Cindie Smart (Treasurer) Christian Freriks, Marie Chittleborough, Catherine Alcock, Naidine Cullen, Karen George, Rebbecca Mercier, Michael Vickery.

Although these are your elected members, Governing Council meetings are open to any interested community members.

Supporting the work of the council there are several committees. Each year we ask school community members to nominate to be a committee member. These are the committees and the members so far. If you would be interested in joining a committee and haven’t done this as yet can you please send an email to Carol.chataway163@schools.sa.edu.au to express your interest.

Also, a reminder that Kate Barrie will be taking leave from the 27th March. Her position as Year 7 Teacher and Primary School Counsellor will be fulfilled by Tracey Barnes for the duration of her leave.

We wish Kate all the best and look forward to welcoming Tracey to Crafers.

The Committee members so far:

FINANCE: Cindie Smart (Convener), Richard Fishlock, Kylie Hopkins, Megan Hider

OSHC: Chris Minear (Convener), Rosie Jarvis, Janelle Stevenson, Catherine Alcock, Marie Chittleborough

CANTEEN & UNIFORM: Kylie Hopkins (Convener), Rebecca Perry, Naidine Cullen, Josie Hollows, Julie Hayes, Megan Vickery

SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT GROUP: Colin Koch (Convener), Michael Vickery, Karen George, Rebbecca Mercier, Christian Freriks

PARENTS & FRIENDS: Naidine Cullen (Convener), Rebbecca Mercier, Karen George

FACILITIES: Richard Fishlock (Convener).Felicity Harrison, Christian Freriks, Tara Graham-Cochrane, John Nielsen

At the meeting I delivered the Annual Report which is available on http://www.crafersps.sa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/0107_AnnualReport.pdf

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