Digital Technology and Media Arts

This area of learning provides students with the skills to use multimedia in a range of learning areas in the Australian Curriculum to communicate evidence of learning.  Under the two subject headings of Digital Technologies and Media Arts students are taught how to produce graphic representations of learning.  This framework allows students to focus on the technical aspects of multimedia presentations especially in relation to privacy and intellectual property.

The technical aspects cover the digital representation of multimedia and text as forms of structured data and the digital systems/machinery required to capture and display those data.  In Media Arts there is a focus on using standard software to produce images, animations, videos and audios.  The digital representation of these media elements and interaction with them are addressed in Digital Technologies.

Through the study of Digital Technology and Media Arts students will develop explicit knowledge, understanding and skills relating to operating and managing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) including applying social and ethical protocols while investigating, creating and communicating.

At Crafers Primary School this will mean:

  • Working within the protocols of cyber safety
  • Learning how to use digital hardware (including desk top computers and portable devices), technologies and programs to demonstrate learning across the Australian Curriculum learning areas
  • The Digital Technology and Media Arts teacher planning and delivering explicit teaching regarding use of digital hardware, technologies and programs with the aim of students becoming confident developers of digital solutions
  • Students being involved in explicit teaching regarding the use of digital hardware, technologies and programs to enhance learning outcomes across all subjects
  • Students producing work products using digital media which reflect understanding of the hardware, technologies and programs with which they are working
  • Students using digital hardware, technologies and programs to enhance key concepts and skills across all subjects.

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