Enrolling Your Child

In South Australia children are not required to attend school until they are six years of age however most students begin school earlier than this.

All reception students begin on the first day of Term 1. Children must turn 5 before May 1st of that year.

Parents are encouraged to attend a Principal Tour of the school which occur several times a year, to enable them to make an informed decision about their school choice. More information about the school can be found in the latest Parent Information Booklet attached here. Once you have made this decision it is important to inform your kindergarten. The school has close liaisons with the local kindergartens.

When you have made your decision please complete the enrolment form and return to the school.

Reception children are sent a letter before starting school to invite them to three transition visits.  It is highly recommended that children attend these sessions.  During the first session parents are invited to stay and meet with the Principal and other new parents.  This provides an opportunity to discuss information about starting school and an opportunity to order uniforms.

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