Gardening Gang

The Grounds and Gardens Group ‘GanGG’ is a loosely structured, somewhat seasonal group that aims to improve the school’s ‘green infrastructure’, natural spaces and outdoor areas, and to engage students in gardening and conservation activities.  Projects are undertaken in liaison with the Facilities Committee and in consultation with the Deputy Principal.


Established in 2010, the group has built raised vegetable garden beds and a compost bay, has improved pedestrian and cycling access to and from the school and landscaped areas adjacent the library.  Occasional working bees are held to maintain and improve the school’s existing gardens and implement new projects.  Over the years, small projects such as ‘Skinky Creek’, ‘Winter Wetland’ and ‘Butterfly Bank’ have been developed with educational themes in mind.  Larger projects including upgrading of the amphitheatre seating and construction of the decking adjacent the asphalt have been undertaken in conjunction with the Facilities Committee.


A fortnightly garden program for Early Years students has been run by the volunteers with the students growing vegetables from seeds and seedlings, and discovering other aspects of nature including native plants and animals, water and soil. This program supports the Science program.  An annual ‘tree planting’ excursion has been held for Reception students and their buddy class to the Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare site.

New projects and volunteers are welcome, as is help at the working bees!

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