Health and Physical Education

This learning area seeks to support students developing the knowledge, understanding and skills required to make healthy, safe and active choices that will enhance their own and others’ health and well being.

Health and physical education promotes an appreciation of how movement in all its forms is central to daily life – from meeting functional requirements and providing opportunities for active living to acknowledging participation in physical activity and sport as significant cultural and social practices.

The study of movement has a broad and established scientific, social, cultural and historical knowledge base, informing our understanding of how and why we move and how we can improve physical performance.

Health and physical education supports students in understanding how to keep safe and how to be resilient in learning and dealings with others.  It helps students identify in themselves and others hurtful behaviours and strategy for changing these.  This learning area provides opportunity for students to explore actions which will keep their bodies healthy, including food groups, sleep, exercise and well being.

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