As in first language acquisition, children benefit from hearing and reading Indonesian before speaking and writing. Lessons are in accordance with the Australian Curriculum for Bahasa Indonesia.

Students participate in focussed listening activities as a whole group and then in pairs before listening independently.They produce speech by echoing modelled speech, then producing their own speech. Reading and writing tasks derive from theme-related songs, plays, books and experiences.

Lessons make use of both commercially produced and class composed songs, poems, chants, play scripts and film tasks. Targeted audiences include other students, assembly audiences, the annual INDOfest short film competitionsnd the NAILA speech awards.

Students from all grades produce films to illustrate vocabulary and grammar points of study for inclusion in school newsletters, display at assemblies and for use in lessons across the school. In 2014 and 2015 students worked during school time and also in their own time to submit shortlisted and winning entries in the INDOfest short film competition. In 2014 the winning entry from Crafers was included in the national website Language Learning Space (LLS) as a teaching resource for Australian teachers.

We have now included our most recent entries in the 2016 INDOFest, and the Australia Bisa Bahasa Indonesia Language competitions. Please enjoy.

Year 6 2016 ABBI entry; exploring vocabulary in the passive voice

Year 5 ABBI entry, INDOfest entry: exploring comparative adjectives

Harimau-ella – Years 4/5 2015

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Year 6 and 7 2015

Pagi Di Istana – reception and Year 2 after school class 2015

Numbers- Year 4 : ‘Goldilocks’ ; winner INDOfest 2016; BTN showcase; multiple vocabulary points

Numbers- Year 3/4 2014

The Spice Wars- Year 1 Independence Day exploration

Putra dan Kelapa – Year 5 INDOfest entry (no subtitles)

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