As Term 1 concludes, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the success and challenges we have faced in sport this term. Again, we had a large proportion of our Upper Primary cohort represent Crafers Primary School in a range of sports which has been fantastic to see. Our students do a tremendous job representing the school. They are always striving to achieve their best and always have good sportsmanship at the forefront of their efforts.


Swimming is always a tricky one here at Crafers. As the PE teacher, I have little prior knowledge of the swimming capabilities of the students in the school as structured swimming lessons are catered to the Reception to Year 3 students. After this age, students transfer their knowledge of swimming to surf education and aquatics (Year 6/7 camp). Therefore, the organising of the Courier Cup becomes an interesting adventure as I learn which students have a hidden talent of water movement.

This year I was pleasantly surprised with the talent we had in our Crafers Swimming Team which represented the school at the Hills District’s Courier Cup. We had 19 swimmers enter the various events and they worked together to come 5th overall. Quite a feat for Crafers as that is up 3 spots from the previous year. Of the 19 swimmers, 7 were selected to represent the Hills District in the Country & Outer Metro State Swimming Carnival at Marion. Once again these students did a marvellous job representing their district as the Hills team won the State Swimming Carnival overall.

State Swimming Results:

4th 13 Year Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay- Ada Harvey and Ashlea Naglis
2nd 11 Year Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay- Charlie Lewis and William Thomas
3rd 12 Year Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay- Jessica Corones
1st 10 Year Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay- Ollie Corones
3rd 10 Year Boys Individual Backstroke- Ollie Corones
3rd 11 Year Boys Individual Backstroke- Max Bush
2nd Open Boys Medley Relay (Backstroke) – Max Bush

Lunch and Crunch Volleyball

Volleyball is always a popular sport here at Crafers so it is a wonderful opportunity for our Year 5-7 students to go to the annual Lunch and Crunch Volleyball Tournament at Heathfield High School. In the lead up to the event, students had been practicing their volleyball skills in their Physical Education lesson in preparation to play games against various schools in the district. The students play indoors, on grass courts and some teams even got the opportunity to play on the beach courts. On the day we fielded 24 teams and all the teams were very successful. The students had a lot of fun; they learnt new skills and met other students within their district. Thank you to the teachers and support staff that came along on the day. We can’t wait to do it again next year.

District Athletics

On Monday the 10th of April, 41 students from year 4-7 represented our school at the District Athletics Carnival at Oakbank Area School. The students had a wonderful time representing our school in their events. They helped support each other and displayed great sportsmanship throughout the day.

We had a very successful day with many of our athletes setting new PB’s, placing into finals and winning various ribbons. Our relay teams were also quite successful with 7 out of the 8 teams placing into finals. Out of our finalists, 4 of these teams managed to place 1st in the final. Overall, with all this success on the day, Crafers managed to place 2nd which is a massive improvement from 5th last year. The students that won their events will now go on to compete against other districts in the State Athletics Carnival in September.

Thank you to the numerous parents who assisted with transportation and supported on the day. Thank you as well to Christine Cavaiuolo for her work behind the scenes and to Mr. Pappin for his event marshalling on the day. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Track and Field Final Places
Track Events Field Events
100m 1st Raphin Scharpf, Jakkrit Scharpf  & Lily Smart

3rd Bethany Taylor

200m 1st Raphin Scharpf, Jakkrit Scharpf  & Lily Smart

2nd Sophia Potter

3rd Kaitlin Teichert

800m 2nd Sophia Potter

3rd Will Anning & Max Bush


Long Jump 1st Jakkrit Scharpf  & Lily Smart

3rd Sophia Potter, Oliver Corones & Ada Harvey

High Jump 2nd Max Bush & Emily Macmillan

3rd Luke Roberts

Discus 1st Cooper Giles & Abby Byrne

3rd Jessica Corones & Emily Macmillan

Shot Put 2nd Emily Macmillan  Ada Harvey



Final Relay Places
1st 11 Years Boys 1st 12 Years Boys 1st 12 Years Girls 1st 13 Years Girls 2nd 10 Years Girls
1.       Raphin Scharpf

2.       Max Bush

3.       Finn Leahy

4.       Jack Teichert

1.       Jakkrit Scharpf

2.       Cooper Giles

3.       Will Anning

4.       Eddie Barnard

1.       Bethany Taylor

2.       Sophia Potter

3.       Charlotte McGrath

4.       Anna Stewart

1.       Katelin Teichert

2.       Keeley Chapman

3.       Saffron Mundy

4.       Ashlea Naglis

1.       Lily Smart

2.       Emily Macmillan

3.       Anna Robinson

4.       Loren Roberts

SAPSASA Knockout Sports

This year, in the summer SAPSASA Knockout competition, we entered a boys and girls softball team, a boys and girls tennis team and a boy’s cricket team. There was a lot of excitement around this and with a large group of students trying out for teams. The students selected for teams were extremely dedicated and gave up quite a few of their lunchtimes to practice.


The girls’ softball team was quite successful and managed to make it into the third round of the competition. In the first round they played Tyndale Christian School at Strathalbyn. We were down for most of the game but with Leela Cotton-Kenny’s brilliant catching and a double play by Bethany Taylor and Charlotte Brown, we were back in the game. In the last innings, we were 5 down. The girls batted and managed to get 6 home and then it was side away. The girls took to the field and managed to get the first three batters up and got them out straight away and with that it was time and game. Crafers had won the game by 1 run.

Our second game was not so easy. We went down to Colonel Light Gardens quite convincingly. Unfortunately our girls, who are quite new to the sport, were no match for their team which was filled with club softball players. Despite the 25-4 loss, the score actually didn’t reflect the game progress. The girls put in 110% effort and managed to get another double play. Most importantly they gained more knowledge of the sport and improved on their skills.

The boys’ softball team were lucky enough to sneak through to the second round of the competition so they played their first game against Eastern Fleurieu R-12 School at Anembo Park, Mt Barker. The boys had a bit of a slow start but by the end they were switched on and learning from the other team. We ended up playing 5 innings and it ended up very close. Sam Shooter ended up taking a massive catch, Kadin Mewett and Finn Koch-Reid ended up with a double play and Cooper Giles did some brilliant pitching. Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t quite get over the line, losing their game 19-17. It was a wonderful effort from the boys and something for us to improve on next year.

It was sad to be knocked out but it has been a wonderful learning experience for both the boys and girls. They should all be really proud of their efforts. Thank you to the students for their dedication to the trainings, thank you to all the parent helpers who transported the students and helped to score and a massive thank you to Andrew Brown for stepping up and umpiring the girls first game and for coaching the girls in the second game. His knowledge of the game was invaluable to our players.


We knew the boy’s tennis team were in for a tough match when we realised they were up against Concordia in the first round and when we arrived on game day our feelings did not change. The boys played their doubles games first and both teams went down (6-3 and 6-2).  Although the boys lost this they didn’t drop their heads, they went into their singles matches with the attitude to give it their best and to try to win a few sets. The boys tried their best but unfortunately Concordia were just too good, with our boys losing 0-6, 0-6, 2-6 and 1-6. Even though the score shows a significant loss, they don’t reflect the actual game. A number of times the boys got to tie breaks or only lost the set by a point. Well done to Luke Roberts, Jakkrit Scharpf, Eddie Barnard and Billy Starling for their effort, persistence and good sportsmanship. They should be proud of the way they played and conducted themselves.

The girls’ tennis had a slightly easier draw, coming up against Uraidla in the first round. Unfortunately a week before the game our number 1 player (Anna Stewart) injured her wrist. Luckily, Abbey Taylor was able to step in for her. The girls headed over to Uraidla and started by playing their doubles match. The girls did an amazing job winning the games, 6-0 and 6-2. The girls were feeling quite confident and got straight into their singles games. The team managed to win three out of their four singles matches (6-1, 2-6, 6-1 and 6-1), taking us through to the next round.

In the next round, the girls came up against Nazareth Catholic School which we actually played at Concordia because it was a good half way point between the two schools. Once again the girls started with their doubles games. Anna Stewart and Charlotte Brown won their game 6-5 but Keeley Chapman and Jessica Corones couldn’t quite get a game, losing 0-6. The girls had mixed feelings about playing their singles games but they gave it their best. Anna came up against a state player but held her off for some time only losing 4-6. Jess had a very close game, only losing by a tie break, 5-6, and the other girls both had losses. Sadly the girls are now out of the competition but they did the best that they could. Hopefully we can build on from this next year.


The boy’s cricket team came up against St Francis de Sales in their first round and they played here at Crafers. The boys fielded first and managed to keep their score to 104 runs. We had some great bowling by Oscar Morris and Kadin Mewett and some great catches by Hamish Willsmore, Finn Koch-Reid and Kadin. When it was time to change over, Kadin and Finn lead the batting line up and Kadin managed to get 24 not out. Unfortunately, our boys couldn’t quite match their batting skills and we lost by 17 runs. Despite the loss, the boys had a great day. We would like to say a big thank you to Justin Williams for coaching and umpiring the boys. He has been involved in the Crafers Knockout Cricket team for many years now and the boys really enjoy learning from him.

Next Term

As part of our Physical Education program, students will be exposed to gymnastics through Triskills. They will be coming on the school on Tuesdays and will take the Receptions to Year 3s for the first 5 weeks and then the Years 4-7 for the last 5 Weeks of term.

We also look forward to District Cross Country which takes place on Friday of Week 3. Our Cross country team has already had a few training sessions and are showing great potential. If your child is in the team, it would be great if you could help them to stay motivated by encouraging them to go for a run a couple times a week. Otherwise, if they can’t get out for a run, jumping with a skipping rope is a great substitution. Next term we will be training during lunch times on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The SAPSASA Knockout Sports which are available for the Year 6 and 7 students next term are football, netball and soccer. I have already taken down the names of students which are interested in each sport and trials will commence early on in the term.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and students for a wonderful first term. I have really appreciated your support and kind words while I have settled into my new role as the Physical Education Teacher. Enjoy your holidays and I will see you next term.

Victoria Gaetjens


SAPSASA Softball State Carnival 2017

My name is Mike Pappin and I have had the privilege of being the coach of the SAPSASA Hills Girls Softball team over the last week. We had a moderately successful week and finished third in the Girls division three competition of nine teams. While this is a pretty fair result my reason for this email js about the students from your school who were a part of the team not the final result.

Ada Harvey, Jada Puglisi, Charlotte Brown, Charlize Marden, Leela Cotton Kenny represented themselves and your school in a manner which says so much about them as people and your school and its values. We started the week slowly but gained momentum and success as the week progressed. The progress came about because of the willingness to learn from not only me but in observing other teams in action and from trying out variations of their own on different aspects of the game. Watching from the outside it was obvious that these girls possess a resilience and determination that will see them do well in the future. They worked well as a team recognising that mistakes were a natural part of what was happening.  Never a bit of criticism – always encouragement and understanding. Cooperation was rife. Sharing of responsibilities and jobs was contagious. Problem solving was on going. Respect was everywhere.

These people were always positive, smiling and involved, showing initiative and awareness.

These skills and characteristics come from their home and from their school. Both are obviously doing an extraordinary job in producing such wonderful people.

It is also important to recognise the efforts of Victoria Gaetjens. Her development of not just the skills necessary but a very positive attitude to physical activity and the value of “team”. She continues to go above and beyond what is reasonable to expect with the time and effort she continues to provide.



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