Our Team 2018

In 2018 the leadership team consists of Chris Minear (Principal), John Nielsen (Deputy Principal) and Tracey Barnes (Wellbeing Co-ordinator).

The administrative team consists of Megan Hider (Finance Officer), Carol Chataway (Administration Officer), Sophie Calvert-Smith (Administration Officer), Christine Cavaiuolo (Library Administration), Stuart Verrall (ICT Administration), and Nick Kerley (Grounds).

The classroom teaching staff, year levels and rooms are as follows.

Year Level



Reception Room 6 Pam Shephard
Year One Room 5 Kathy Smith
Year One / Two Room 4 Kit Wong 0.8 / Hayley Philips 0.2
Year Two Room 10 Felicity Harrison
Year Three Room 9 Caroline Zada
Year Three / Four Room 8 Kim Atkinson
Year Four Room 12 Lynette Kaeding 0.8 / Elke Lobenstock 0.2
Year Four / Five Room 11 Petra Dunaiski
Year Five Room 2 Adam Menzell (Terms 1 & 2), Paula Nation (Terms 3 & 4)
Year Six Room 13 (John Nielsen Building) Tracey Barnes 0.6 / John Nielsen 0.4
Year Six / Seven Room 1 Hannah Waltrovitz (Term 1), Kate Barrie (Terms 2 – 4)
Year Seven Room 3 Matthew Summerton

The classroom teachers are supported by specialist teachers: Sue McAllister (Performing Arts), Elke Lobenstock (Media Studies and Information Technology), Victoria Gaetjens (Physical Education) and Lyndal Chittleborough (Indonesian).

School Support Officers work in collaboration with teachers to support student learning outcomes. Joan Ng, Siobhan Brumfield, Wendy Geraghty and Jenny Longmire are members of our support team.

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