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Crafers Primary School is an energetic place, where the positivity can be felt as you move through the grounds. Here, we continue the work of families and early educators, encouraging our students to be their best, in learning, in friendship, as people. Our excellent staff guide and support our students as they face and overcome challenges.


Encouraging Curious Minds

Curiosity and creativity are synonymous with children; questions and investigations come naturally. We embrace this natural inclination to learn, guiding students through stages of explicit instruction, application to new experiences and understanding. Learning is central, learning is celebrated, learning is supported!

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The Soul of the School

Opportunities abound for the musically minded at Crafers Primary School. With a myriad of instrumental opportunities, the students come together to form choir, orchestras, band and ensembles. Performance within the school and community is an integral part of learning, highly valued and well-regarded.

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Promoting Participation

Active, skill-based and focussed on participation, our Sports and PE program highlight the qualities valued at Crafers Primary School. Through their efforts and accomplishments, students demonstrate courage, commitment and joy.

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A Place To Thrive

Much loved, our Buddies system is a source of friendship, safety and learning. Our youngest students have big buddies from across the school for a range of purposes; sharing in class experiences, supporting reading growth and being a friend and safe person in the playground.

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Energetic, Enthusiastic and Ingenious

Energetic, enthusiastic and ingenious, the Crafers School community is like no other. Parents and families are welcome to be involved and our community spirit is a critical component of who we are, really something quite remarkable!

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Exploring Pathways to Excellence


Joining Crafers Primary School

Many of our students return to us as old scholars, ready and excited to enrol their children at Crafers Primary School. Whether you are new to the area, looking at schooling for the first time or connected through past experience, I encourage you to come and tour our school and become a part of this most incredible community.


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